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This blog is part of the "Teens for Sustainability" series by Greek GSP Advocate Chryssanthe Sotiriou and her students. Students from Doukas School's Grades 7, 8, and 9 engaged in a research project on different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG 4 - Quality Education

By Nick V.

The right to education is a fundamental human right that is essential for personal development, economic growth, and social progress. However, millions of children around the world are still denied access to quality education due to various reasons such as poverty, conflict, discrimination, and lack of infrastructure. According to UNESCO, around 258 million children and youth are out of school, with girls being disproportionately affected. This situation not only hinders individual opportunities but also has broader implications for a society including increased poverty, inequality, and social instability. To improve the situation, governments and international organizations must prioritize education by investing in teacher training and giving access to schools in remote areas.

By ensuring that every child has access to quality education, we can create a better world for future generations. The right to education must be upheld and protected to build a better future for all.

By Thanos V.

Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Education is important because without it no social, health, political progress and economic progress is possible. If you want to have a better future proper education is the key. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to education.

Through education people can overcome poverty as they gain qualifications which enable them to find employment. Girls who go to school develop a critical way of thinking and as a result can be more independent. Through education people can overcome discrimination and prejudice against other nations. As a result, world peace can be promoted as countries can develop strong bones and have good relationships.

Free primary and secondary education is important because many people don’t have money to pay for private education. We should increase the number of people with relevant skills to show that they can teach at schools in developing countries. We should build and upgrade inclusive and safe schools because some school at South Africa don’t have doors, tables, chairs, and roof. For example, schools can have bars for children with disabilities.

Εducation is important for people because if you receive a proper education, you have better prospects for the future.

By George K.

Our teacher recently asked us to watch a video about quality in education. It was a short but very interesting video which made me think about my education.

Lots of young people in Greece hate getting up early in the morning to go to school. We complain when we get lots of homework too. When I watched the video, I was shocked to learn that 260 million kids do not have access to an education. These young people can’t get the knowledge they need to live independent lives. They are not able to fulfill their dreams.

I believe that we should appreciate how lucky we are. However, we should also do something to help more young people to get an education. We can help by raising money at our school and donating it to an organization that helps educate young people in developing countries. We could also donate our used books to charities that work in education. If we make an effort, we can make a difference.

By George K.

When I was 7 years old, I went to Cambodia. Cambodia is a very poor country located in Southeast Asia. People that live in Cambodia can’t send the kids to school. There I met a little boy that was playing with snakes to earn money from the tourists. He told me that one day he decided that he wanted to be a doctor. Since he couldn’t go to school, he thought that he could learn to study alone. He tried to find books to practice. But it was very difficult. After that he was very upset, but he didn’t give up, he kept trying until he met a tourist, and they made a deal. The deal was that the boy taught the tourist to play with snakes and the tourist taught the kid to read.

By Martha-Maria M.

It is important for kids up to adults to have access to primary and secondary education. Sometimes children are forced to stop going to school by their parents to work at an early age either because the family doesn’t have as much money as they need or because the country or city they live in doesn’t have a lot of currency causing it to not provide the children with quality education and make them pay for it. It is also quite common that children do not even have access to school because the country they live in is at war or is still developing. Even if school is available, teenagers often drop out either because they are not good enough or they do not feel confident in making it till graduation. School and education are one of the most important things a person can have. The ability to read, write and communicate are all especially important things that a human will have access to without any restraints. It is important to at least know the basics of your language to survive in the world and have a successful life with a respectable job. It does not make a deference whether you are an adult, or you have learning difficulties and even if you are disabled, you should still have the right to learn and develop just like everyone else. According to studies 16% of the population does not have access to primary and secondary education which Is very disturbing if you really think about it. To fix that I believe that schools must accept both genders and children that do not feel confident in finishing school should be helped deciding whether they want to stay in school or drop out with the help of a legal guardian or teacher only. It is also especially important that all schools must be safe and secure. By 2030, we hope all these problems are fixed and every single soul on earth has the right to learn no matter its surroundings.

By Amalia D.

Quality education is the future of every child. How will he develop, what education will he receive? That's why it's so important! Don't let your training go to waste. There are children in the world who never receive education or training. So, take advantage of it. You can develop and take online courses without any payment. With the development of technology, and the digital world we have created, there are more opportunities to access education than just going to university. Another thing you can do is teach others yourself, regardless of age. Visit your nearest neighborhood school and ask what school supplies they need. Start a school supply drive in your community. This will help them a lot, for the number of children, as it is very large and will reduce their stress about any liabilities! In addition, you can lend your old and second-hand books. This is the most direct way to give education and training to a fellow human being. I think I gave you a lot of ideas. Trust me, they won't be the only ones to feel good, with the tenderness and chivalry you will do. You will also feel good about yourself, that you will have done something for this world, even if it is just a little. And that is the most important thing.

By Margarita N.

I think that it is very unfair for some children not to go to school, so we have to find a solution. Usually, children don’t go to school because it’s too far from their home so people can make an organization that raises money to build schools all over the world and be close to all places that all children can learn.

By Dimitris S.

Eddie is a small boy

almost 5…

He is running with his kite and he is dreaming to fly

His kite is a book

and he hopes to find

all the knowledge

of the world

to be in his mind

Education is a basic human right for all people. It provides freedom and very important benefits.

First of all, education is the key to achieve all other human rights. It reduces poverty, it decreases social inequalities and it helps societies to have sustainable development. It also gives people chances to improve their life and be more completed as people.

It is very important to mention that a child under the age of five is twice as likely to survive if his or her mother can read and write.

Unfortunately, the educational situation is not so good in all the countries of the world. The opportunities are not the same for all the children. What should be done for that?

Firstly, there must be free primary school education for every child. Secondary school (including technical training) must be available to everyone, and higher education must be equally accessible.

There must be more schools, more buildings for education, more teachers and the countries must

find ways for the children who live long away to go to school.

Finally, education for those who have missed primary school should be encouraged and available.

By Stratis K.

I want to learn more and to have more opportunities in life

But am I lucky?

I live 3 hours away from the closest school

So unlucky!

I am 5 years old and I need to work all day so that I can eat

So unlucky!

There are bomb explosions around me

So unlucky!

I am a girl in a conservative country

So unlucky!

I am disabled in an undeveloped country

So unlucky!

I have special needs and there is no special school in my country

So unlucky!

SOS to local, national and international authorities!

Education for all shouldn’t be a gambling game where only the lucky win

Quality Education for the lucky and the unlucky!

I feel so lucky!

By Margarita O.


All over the planet from dawn till sunset

For boys, girls, poor and needy

Walking side by side

Please, believe me

Learning is crucial

Learning is fun

Learning is our weapon

To the future that lies

Let everybody get the breeze of knowledge

Embrace the gifts we bring

Unchain the spirit of wisdom

And breathe the air of intelligence spring

The world is a stage which we need to conquer

Without school how can we wander?

We will raise our voice so that everyone can learn

The light of education will always burn

By Xenia V.

Quality education is very important because without education, no social, health, economic and political progress is possible. Investing in education is therefore essential for the future of the world. For over 40 years, Action Education has acted on the ground to promote access to a quality education for all, mainly for vulnerable and marginalised populations. Also, education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination and is fundamental for self- respect. Quality education reduces poverty, prevents disease and malnutrition, promotes the well-being of children, is a key to women's empowerment, promotes peace and adapts to climate change.

By Andreas A.

The right education is important because without that a child is not going to be responsible when he grows up, and that is bad because everyone in his life will think that he can’t do anything and will say that he can't take anything seriously in his life. Also, in other countries the children don’t go to school, and this is obviously bad for them. Moreover, everyone has the right to equal education and if someone removes that right from you, he should go to jail. But we can change that we can make a law that says that if a father removes the right for education for a child the father would go to jail and the child would go to school of his country or the officer will transport him to another country if his country hasn’t got a school.

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