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“We need to ensure education goes beyond literacy and numeracy.
In today's world, education must be about building peace, sustainable development, greater justice, social equity and gender equality.”

- Stefania Giannini,

UNESCO Assistant-Director General 

The role of schools in creating a better world 

Schools are the core foundations of our society, and the world is relying on schools to prepare children for the future, while empowering them to create a better world.

Today schools and educators are rethinking their role in the 21st century, and redefining their purpose as agents of change.

Schools not only have the responsibility to create better societies through educating their students, but also to significantly improve the academic skills and wellbeing of their students. 


Network of primary and secondary schools 

From the United States to India, schools are taking on leadership roles and creating new pedagogical content, finding innovative ways to engage students in education for sustainable development (ESD), and setting an example within their community.

primary and secondary schools

Our network of




represents 80 countries around the world that are committed to bringing ESD within their school communities.


Sign the pledge and join the network

​We encourage you to complete and submit the Global Schools pledge in order to show your institution's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and to express your interest in joining our network!

The estimated time for the completion of this form is approximately 5 minutes.

You will need to have basic information about : 

  1. your institution,

  2. the email address of the principal or another member of your institution's senior leadership who has the authority to endorse the completion of this form.

By signing the Global Schools pledge, you are committing to join an active global network of schools, teachers, and educators, working towards the SDGs.

See questions to fill out the pledge

Click here to read the pledge and sign the pledge!

These are the schools that have signed our pledge of education for sustainable development

Click on the blue icons to see school's names

SDSN mobilizes global scientific and technological exertise to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

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