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Global Schools launches Case-Study book to inspire teachers on International Education DAY

Monday, January 24th, 2021

The International Day of Education was founded to acknowledge the purpose of education for peace and development. Over the past two years, education has been significantly disrupted by the pandemic. However, educators have been resilient and diligent in developing creative lessons and activities to support students’ learning and well-being.

International Education Day commemorates the importance of quality education and stresses education’s crucial role in accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals. Under the theme of this year’s celebration, “Changing Course, Transforming Education”, Global Schools will launch a guidebook titled, "Practicing Education for Sustainable Development: Case Study Guide for Educators". This guidebook will showcase the experiences of Global Schools Advocates’ SDG-related lessons and projects that were incorporated in school curriculum and communities in different parts of the world.

“Integrating sustainable development into classrooms is an often complex and challenging process. Case studies are fundamental in helping us better understand these challenges at the local level. This report details the experiences of our Advocates across many regions and countries and helps us understand what common and differentiated challenges each of them has faced and how these could be addressed by school leadership, policymakers, and in future iterations of the program." - Global Schools Director, Sam Loni

The guidebook showcases the experiences of 31 Global Schools Advocates in the February 2021- July 2021 cohort and provides detailed explorations of SDG-related projects and activities conducted in 20 different countries. The guide will provide school stakeholders with a synopsis of ESD lessons and activities that were successfully implemented in the school curriculum; aid educators in designing and integrating ESD lessons; summarize school-wide strategies and lessons learned; recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Global Schools Advocates.

“It is our hope that this guidebook will detail how the Global Schools Advocates have worked across departments and classrooms, designed creative projects, and found success in integrating ESD within their school communities. We are confident that these stories of powerful change will inspire others on the journey to improve education for all and create a more sustainable world.” - Global Schools Program Manager, Amanda Abrom

Global Schools is grateful to the following Advocates for showcasing their initiatives in the publication: Abigail Martinez Renteria, Abraham Knight, Alessandra Ceriani, Amanda Tiang San, Baraka Leonard Mfilinge, Bernardo Rios, Carla Lyra Jubilut, Dhivya Kirupa, Elizabeth Njihia Wangari, Gem Jos, George M. De La Cruz, George Hademenos, Gustavo Nemecio Valencia Tello, Javeria Rana, Katja Malinowski, Kenneth Kwok, Ligita Ridūze, Lilian Atieno Oloo, Lilian Njoki Ngandu, Marti Hendrichs, Michael R. Cruse, Milton G. Villarroel Navajas, Oyigoga John Onuh, Ozlem Benligil, Ramadhani Ally Rashidi, Shola Shedrach Faloye, Simon Omusula Wamu, Sodiq Temitope Odutola, Svetlana Slassi Moutabir, Syed Saud ul Hassan, Thomas C. Stewart

Global Schools hopes this guidebook will inspire others on International Education Day. The guidebook will also reveal how educators can teach the core values of SDG 4.7 and Mission 4.7. As stated by a Mission 4.7 member and Global Schools partner:

“The ideas of Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development need to be put into practice for all learners worldwide. Global Schools has done that impressively well. Inspiring today’s learners and educators to become change agents for a better future is an essential contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Monika Froehler, CEO, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

To access the guidebook, please visit the Global Schools Website. To join in on the conversation, follow Global Schools on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.