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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Written by Abigail Chifusa, Global Schools Project Officer

On March 8th, the Global Schools Program (GSP) joined the rest of the world, the United Nations (UN), and UNESCO in celebrating International Women’s Day following the 2023 theme: “Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.”

GSP commemorated the day with a social media campaign from the 8th to the 12th of March. The campaign was focused on commemorating Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, Gender Equality, by celebrating the best practices for the empowerment of all women and girls through education in the digital age. The goal was to educate and interact with the global community on how Gender Equality can be promoted in STEM and digital spaces.

Throughout the five-day campaign, GSP celebrated using the hashtag #WomenInFocus to encourage members to promote gender equality in the digital age.

As a result of the successful campaign, Global Schools reached a total of 4,800+ engagements and 11,300+ total impressions.

Global Schools is proud that Advocates and the international community participated in the successful campaign, and thanks everyone who joined in to celebrate.

GSP also developed an inspiration document to gather all information shared and collected during the campaign. The purpose of this document is to hope that everyone who participated and any newcomers will benefit from having a document that will teach them about the importance of gender equality in the digital age and for the years beyond. You can find this document below.

Inspiration Document-Int Women's Day
Download PDF • 371KB

To learn more about the Global Schools Program’s mission, go to

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