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~55 Educators Attend Professional Development on Leadership in Primary & ECE Education"

On October 22nd, 2022, Global Schools hosted an interactive workshop with three expert leaders and educators focused on Education for Sustainable Development for young learners.

The Global Schools community had the opportunity to hear from three expert educators on successful strategies for ESD curriculum integration; school-wide initiatives; building school-wide buy-in for ESD; and more.

First, Marti Hendrichs presented her work at Vienna International School in Vienna, Austria. Marti Hendrichs is a science and sustainability education researcher who has been working at the Vienna International School (VIS) for the last 18 years, enriching the IB PYP science program. She has coordinated environmental education in the school, leading to VIS being recognized as the first ‘Eco School International’ in Austria and as a Global School since 2018. She also coordinated the accreditation of the primary school in obtaining the ‘Austrian Green Label’. Marti is a Global Schools Mentor and a TeachSDGs Ambassador, supporting and motivating educators worldwide in the integration of the United Nations’ SDGs in their curricula. Marti is also a certified Educator for Sustainable Development by the Earth Charter, and a STEM certified educator by the European Schoolnet Academy. Her research focuses on science and sustainability education at an early age. Her expertise includes Education for Sustainable Development, Green STEM, and Science education integration in curricula.

Next, Advocates heard from Marcela Villan from Argentina, specifically on pedagogies and her journey as a school leader incorporating global competencies for her learners. Marcela Alejandra Villán qualified as a Teacher of English in Argentina in 1996. She received a TESOL certification later and at the moment holds several diplomas and a bachelor’s degree in the Teaching of English as well. She has worked for more than 30 years in the field and is also a teacher trainer. Marcela specializes in Environmental Education and Global Competence. She has delivered numerous webinars on these topics all around the World. She supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda as a framework in the classrooms, as she has been a TeachSDGs ambassador and Global Schools Advocate. Marcela works daily for the betterment of education as a whole and supports several organizations with the same aim.

Finally, Advocates heard from Simon Wamu, a school director and NGO leader from Kenya, who discussed his strategies to integrate SEL, specifically empathy, into his elementary learners. His focus of the workshop focused on topics such as plastic waste and food scarcity, and how to address these and create young leaders even at the elementary level. Simon is an educator, a social entrepreneur and a sustainability advocate. He is a founding member of a college and runs an education nonprofit as well as low-cost private schools in Kenya. He is also a mentor advocate for the Global Schools Program run by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He is reshaping education by integrating SDGs into the curriculum at the elementary and primary level. Simon is currently studying a master’s program in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University, Sweden courtesy of the Swedish institute scholarship.

Given the need to develop foundational skills in learners as well as incorporate SDGs into elementary and ESD education, all of these educators shared their expertise working as leaders and innovators at this level of education. Global School will continue to support its network with quality professional development and training sessions to support all levels of education.

Thank you to all the attendees!


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