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Ugandan Advocates Receive Digital Marketing Training by GS Project Officer, Raquel Armendariz

Written by Raquel Armendariz

At Global Schools, we are committed to providing our Advocates with the best tools and resources to take their advocacy journey to the next level. This includes teaching Advocates how to adapt to the new technologies and virtual spaces provided by social media and other online platforms.

On Monday, December 6th, 2021, Raquel Armendariz, Global Schools Project Officer, offered training on digital marketing to a group of Ugandan Advocates and their Mentors from our latest cohort. With the Covid pandemic still creating a burden on schools, and with Ugandan schools being closed for over 77 weeks, the training presented the best opportunity to learn how to continue advocating from a different point of view.

The main objective was to teach the Advocates how to use social media, blog, and capitalize on other aspects of digital marketing to leverage their skills and mission. Raquel was able to highlight the importance of the skills that came along with learning about digital marketing, the key aspects of social media platforms and blogging, and how to effectively put into practice these tools.

At the end of the webinar, Advocates were encouraged to continue sharing their stories through these new tools and platforms. It was wonderful to see Advocates interested in new ways to take their work further, engaging and sharing their ideas.

Written by Raquel Armendariz, Project Officer

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Great appreciation to all the global schools advocates for the wonderful work done. It is amazing to realize that our learners are being prepared to solve the world’s challenges by the support of the global schools advocates.

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