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teens for sustainability-SDG 1

This blog is part of the "Teens for Sustainability" series by Greek GSP Advocate Chryssanthe Sotiriou and her students. Students from Doukas School's Grades 7, 8, and 9 engaged in a research project on different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By Ismini K.

Many people, even nowadays, who live in non-developed countries and developed countries (e.g. from natural disasters, poverty) suffer from the lack of basic goods such as shelter, food, clothing and medical care. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent among women and children. I personally think that it is very sad in the year 2024 that there are people living in miserable conditions and we must all help to eradicate this phenomenon. There are several ways that we can help in eliminating this phenomenon .First of all when we do not need some clothes we can instead of throwing them away donate them to charity companies that exist for such purposes .In addition, I think that in such cases health care does not need to be paid and in my opinion it is good to have volunteer doctors to provide health care to these people. Also, centers could be built to accommodate these people. Finally, it is good in places where we see such phenomena that charity companies provide these people with food and water. I really think that we can all contribute to this collective effort and make our world a better place.

By George I.

Imagine a world where no one must worry about having enough to eat or a place to call home. That’s the dream of Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty. But how do we make this dream a reality?

Firstly, education is key. By ensuring everyone has access to quality education, we empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty. Education opens doors to better job opportunities and equips people with the skills they need to succeed. Secondly, we must address inequality. By creating a more equitable society where everyone has equal opportunities, we can reduce poverty levels significantly. This means providing support to marginalized communities and ensuring fair wages for all workers. Lastly, we must promote sustainable economic growth. This means investing in industries that create jobs and improve living standards while minimizing harm to the environment.

Together, we can end poverty. It’s a big goal, but with determination and cooperation, we can make it happen. So, let’s work together to build a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

By George K.

Nowadays poverty is a big problem for children and families in general. We see poverty mostly in underdeveloped countries, but we can also see it in developed countries as well. I think that we can help the countries that suffer from poverty.

Poverty is not just having less money but also limited education as well as jobs, not enough food and no access to health care. This affects children and women as well. They also do not have drinkable water and they have to walk miles to get clean water. I also want to mention that poverty is a very serious problem, and we must do everything to stop it.

First of all, we can donate to underdeveloped countries that suffer from poverty, and I suggest the United Nations take over the donations to make it easier and more trustworthy. In addition, we can start campaigns, so we get more attention from more people to donate. Finally, we can create social groups about poverty and people that are interested in the problem.

To sum up, I'd like to state that if we are all in this together, we can find a solution to finally end poverty.

By Pavlos K.

Whispers of Hope

In the quiet corners of forgotten streets,

Where children cry and hunger meets,

A dark but true tale is whispered,

In hearts that beat with dreams not yet considered.

A canvas of poverty , brushed with despair,

Yet we all do breathe the same air,

Dig deep, reveal the thirst of humanity,

Because the dance of hunger is a shared reality.

Raise shelters like wings,

Educate people for futures that sing.

Let them all have a roof,

make the world worth without proof.

For every heart wants to be understood,

In a world where compassion is the real Food.

By Stelios M.

Sustainable Development Goal 1, also known as SDG 1, is all about making sure nobody lives in poverty anywhere in the world. It means making sure everyone has enough money to live decently and access to important things like food, clean water, healthcare, education, and protection from tough times like natural disasters or economic problems.

 In my opinion to reach this goal, countries need to do things like creating more jobs, making sure everyone gets fair pay, and providing support to those who need it most, like the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. It's also about treating everyone fairly, no matter their gender or background.

Achieving SDG 1 involves working together, both within countries and between countries, to make sure everyone can live a good life without poverty holding them back.

In simpler terms, Sustainable Development Goal 1 is all about making sure everyone has what they need to live a good life, without worrying about not having enough. It's about fairness, opportunity, and working together to build a world where poverty is a thing of the past.

By Penny V.

Last week I was watching a video on YouTube. In this video there were two characters. The first character was a poor person, and the second was a rich person. They both needed a room at the Hospital. But because of the difference between them their treatment was different too. For example, the poor person’s room was too dirty, and his meal was an apple and a glass of water. On the other hand, the rich person’s room was a luxury room with gold walls and a bed which looked like a villa bed. And his meal was a pizza, bubble tea and an apple pie. When the nurse gave the food to the poor person, he didn’t want it because it was disgusting, and he chose to give it back to the nurse. When the rich person finished his meal, he hadn’t eaten a lot of his food. When I saw that the first thing which came to my mind was that the leftover food could be given to the poor person. But of course, that didn’t happen as YouTubers only care about views and their subscribers. After this story I wish somebody would make a similar video but that ended the way I had thought.

By Themis P.

Many young children and adults live in poverty. They have no shelter, no food, no water and above all good health. They also don't have the ability to go to school. Most people living in poverty are children and women. One in four children lives this way. So, to help them we can give some money, clothes or food and send it to the people in need. In addition, I believe that none of us would want to live poorly, because you cannot spend our lives in a nice way, but with ”torture”. These children will not be able to study in their lives, nor will they play a sport. They will be forced to live in very difficult conditions. This will result in them being left sad and cheerless in their lives. The highest percentage of poverty is seen in countries that are not so developed. However, developed countries also have some percentages of poverty. Finally, I think that all people will have to help in some way the countries that face poverty because it is a very difficult phenomenon.

By Pavlos A.

In a world teeming with opportunities, the essence of Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty, resonates deeply with the aspirations of today's youth. Poverty, a persistent adversary, casts a long shadow over countless lives. As teenagers, we stand at the threshold of change, armed with the power to rewrite the narrative.

Imagine a world where every adolescent is a catalyst for eradicating poverty, breaking the chains that bind communities. Education becomes the sword, entrepreneurship the shield, and compassion the guiding light. By embracing sustainable practices, we can bridge the gap between privilege and deprivation.

Let's weave a short story of resilience, where a teenager's innovation sparks a ripple effect, lifting an entire village out of poverty. A poem could echo the harmonious melody of collective efforts, weaving a tapestry of hope that transcends borders.

As stewards of the future, it is our responsibility to champion SDG 1. Let's transform our passion into purpose, fostering a world where poverty is but a distant memory, and prosperity becomes the birthright of every soul. Together, we can sculpt a legacy that echoes through generations, a testament to our commitment to a world free from the shackles of poverty.


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