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Recycling Practice in Classrooms Towards SDGs 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Written by: Obande Victor Oyigoga - Wesley High School Student

In achieving the goal of sustainable development specifically in point 12 regarding responsible consumption and production, ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns is an important element that all levels of society need to pay attention to. Therefore, this campaign or values ​​needs to be pursued from an early age, starting from the small things in the school classroom.

I am a Grade 11 student and I am becoming a student SDG ambassador at Wesley High School. As an SDG ambassador, I am responsible for influencing and applying the SDGs 12 values ​​to my friends at school. What am I doing? I took the initiative to train students' skills to get used to recycling.

What is recycling?

Recycling is the reuse of an item or anything that is still fit for reuse. Which certainly does not have a risk for human safety when using it. For example, a palette that students use in class immediately after engraving can be used as a cup holder. As another example, a broken cupboard can be used on an old door screw, and an old Dunlop sandal can be used as a sweeper. And maybe there are many other examples that we can use in everyday life.

Every year the amount of waste in the world continues to increase, so recycling is an alternative solution that we can use to reduce the rate of increasing waste. If everyone in the world practices recycling using the small example I mentioned above, then with the world's population reaching 7 billion in the 21st century, of course, this waste problem can be resolved properly.

However, of course, it would require sufficient time, but how long? We have to start now. Here, as a student and in my role as SDG ambassador, I would like to encourage other educators to include SDGs 12 scores into class subjects, so that the students will understand and become aware of the environment as early as possible.

I have completed the mission, now it's your turn!

Photo header: Obande Victor Oyigoga

Editor: Dorpaima Lumban Gaol