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Global Schools Project Officers, Raquel Armendariz and Emmanuel Michael Emechete participated in the youth event on "Energy Transition: A Pathway to the Future". The webinar was hosted by SDSN Youth Black Sea, Yes-Europe Greece, and Move It NGO.

On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, SDSN Youth Black Sea, the regional network of SDSN Youth for the area of the Black Sea and the Balkans, hosted an event centered on Energy Transition. The event’s goal was to inform and raise awareness among young people about: 1. clean energy and energy transition, 2. the connection between energy and sustainable development, 3. the environment and climate change 4. Greek and European policies and institutions active in the energy sector. Over the course of three days, the event featured interactive activities, roundtable discussions and hosted speakers from different countries and organizations who shared their perspectives on the importance of achieving the energy transition.

Among the speakers were Global Schools Project Officers, Raquel Armendariz and Emmanuel Emechete, who participated in the roundtable discussion about “the role of youth” with Miguel Mosca, Vice President of the European Youth Energy Network. Raquel and Emmanuel talked about the importance of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in this regard and the work of Global Schools in bringing ESD to communities.

During their talk, Raquel and Emmanuel highlighted how Global Schools promotes the SDGs and the importance of educating future generations on sustainable development to achieve change and, more specifically, to achieve the energy transition. They also spoke about the benefits of ESD, including boosting schools’ performance, integrating specific actions into classes, and promoting behavioral change in adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

Additionally, they mentioned how to apply these tools in real actions to promote the energy transition. Raquel and Emmanuel enlightened the participants on the positive impact of Global Schools Advocates and schools in organizing activities and events that are in line with SDGs 7 and 13, Affordable and Clean Energy and Climate Action, and why the role of youth is so important.

To conclude, they encouraged participants at the event to engage with the SDGs through Global Schools and to keep learning about how ESD can bring positive change to protect the environment and advocate for clean energy.

- Written by Global Schools Project Officer, Raquel Armendariz


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