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Kwara State Climate Change Makers Workshop Report

Written by Global Schools Advocate in Nigeria, Idowu Adekunle Olukayode

On December 18th, 2022 I facilitated the Climate Change Makers Workshop, an initiative aimed at raising a new generation of climate advocates and communicators with an in-depth understanding of the environment, climate crisis, biodiversity, and general sustainability concepts.

The workshop was held in conjunction with the World's Largest Lesson. The workshops are designed to build students’ capacities to take action, and as well demand action from the government to halt climate change and all environmental crises.

The training was held on Friday, December 18th at St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Offa Road, Ilorin, Kwara State. The class interaction and training were given to approximately thirty students alongside three appointed school teachers.

Here is a list of the topics covered to provide context and inspiration to other educators:

Topic: What are the effects of Climate Change?

The session was interactive as students were curious about the effects of climate change. The class training also included a rhyme session where students learned a climate poem provided in the training manual.

The Climate Change Poem:

“Climate Change is on the way

Making changes every day

Earth is warmer, land is dry

Temperatures soaring to the sky.

Melting icebergs flood our land

Rising seas cover the sand

People fear they cannot stay

Animals moving far away.”

Specific topics covered included:

The effects of Climate Change

i. Drought

ii. Flooding

iii. Ice caps melting

Human activities that cause Climate Change

i. Emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles i.e. carbon dioxide

ii. Burning of hydrocarbon products

iii. Deforestation

iv. Industrial emissions

Impact of Climate Change

i. Food shortage; high cost of food

ii. Low crop yield

iii. Reduced livestock production

iv. Low income

v. Public health crises

vi. Loss of shelter and road networks

The workshop ended at 2.50 pm and concluded with group pictures.

Written by Global Schools Advocate in Nigeria, Idowu Adekunle Olukayode


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