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Global Schools, UN SDSN, Partners with Logictry to Celebrate World Logic Day

The Global Schools Program at the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network is a key partner for World Logic Day events organized by Logictry. Global Schools Program Manager, Amanda Abrom, will speak on a panel titled: ESG & Logic in the Corporate & Education Sectors. The panel is sponsored by Accelerist and the ETNH Foundation.

The event will take place at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, Texas. The event is organized by Logictry. Logictry is "a Logic Platform: a no-code decisioning platform that helps organizations scale their expert institutional knowledge...its mission is to empower others to make better decisions, faster by bringing the world's leading experts to Austin, TX. This forum will educate on how access to better Logic can help solve some of humanity's most pressing challenges" (World Logic Day).

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