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Global Schools Recognizes Mentor Advocates during World Teachers Day Campaign!

*Not pictured: Baraka Mifilinge and Lawrence Godfrey Kamanga

The Global Schools Program, an initiative of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, celebrates 45 Mentor Advocates from 27 countries who are transforming learning environments, mobilizing young people around the SDGs, and providing expertise to current Advocates working in schools. Please see the list of Mentors and the represented continents below:

  • Africa: Ngum Doris Wanchia Epse Kemajou, Erasmus Tang, Ibrahima Sory Sow, Yusupha Manneh, Lilian Atieno Oloo, Elizabeth Wangari Njihia, Lilian Njoki Ngandu, Simon Omusula Wamu, Bello Sheriff Adekunle, Sodiq Temitope Odutola, Onuh Oyigoga John, Salim Maruf, Kehinde Akinsola, Baraka Mfilinge, Ramadhani Ally Rashidi, Ezekiel Emanuely Ntandu, Lawrence Godfrey Kamanga, Lawrence Peter, Admire T Mpofu.

  • Americas: Carla Lyra Jubilut, James Trudeau, Daniela Avila, Elynn Vazquez Wong, Thomas C Stewart, Milton Villarroel;

  • Asia: Kenneth Kwok, Gem Jos, Dhivya Kirupa, Abraham Knight, Gautham Varada Narayan, Jhun Ree Descartin, Deepti Singh, Farah Ahmad Ali, Amanda Tiang San, Sandhya Subedi, Hafiz Jawad Sohail, Javeria Rana, George De La Cruz, Lara Marie Achondo, Geetika Ghai, Çelebi Kalkan, Özlem Benligil;

  • Europe: Marti Hendrichs, Katja Malinowski, Alessandra Ceriani.

The Mentor Advocates are working with the current cohort of Advocates to help localize SDGs in schools. The complete list of mentors and their respective countries can be found on the Global Schools website. The Mentors have been active participants in Global Schools Program activities and serve as official spokespersons for the program in their local areas:

''I am a Kenyan teacher who is passionate about making this world a better home of men, beginning with my country. I look forward to being an integral component of Global Schools as we form a community of practice with other teachers.” Elizabeth Wangari Njihia, Global Schools Mentor Advocate in Kenya.
“[The] Global Schools Program has changed my life in so many ways. It has empowered me and turned me into a leader in my community. It has connected me to so many people around the globe and taught me so much with each webinar. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to serve.” Milton Villarroel, Global Schools Mentor Advocate in the USA.
“I have been a teacher for almost 20 years. I love to learn about different cultures, traditions, festivals, and cuisines from around the world. I am grateful to be part of the GSP mentorship program and I hope to connect with more people.” Amanda Tiang San, Global Schools Mentor Advocate in Malaysia.
"I believe education is one of the most powerful tools to drive a paradigm shift towards a more conscious and responsible society. As a mentor, I aim to support Advocates in their mission, sharing ideas and lessons learned. I want to make them feel part of a strong and motivated network.” Alessandra Ceriani, Global Schools Mentor Advocate in Italy.

The Global Schools team celebrates all Mentor Advocates during the World Teacher’s Day Campaign 2021 and wishes them continued luck as they engage in this meaningful and crucial work! All current and alumni Advocates within the network are eligible to become mentors after completing their initial Advocacy term.

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For more information about the Advocates Program, media inquiries, and interview requests, please contact:

To learn more about the Global Schools Program and the Global Schools Advocates Program, go to


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