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Get Involved IN THE "Mapping Plastic Waste" Challenge in Support of SDG 14: Life BELOW Water

Earthrise Education and SDGs Today invite you to join the “Mapping Plastic Waste” challenge for secondary school and university students in support of SDG 14: Life Below Water in South East Asia between March 31 - May 20, 2022.

An estimated 80% of plastic waste in the oceans comes from land-based sources and a substantial portion of that comes from unmanaged or poorly-managed dumpsites. To contain and clean up plastic waste from the land and ocean environments governments need to understand where plastic waste is concentrated.

Satellite imagery can provide insight into the location and characteristics of plastic waste dumpsites and help monitor changes in a timely manner. As part of the Minderoo Foundation’s No Plastic Waste Initiative, Earthrise Media is working to identify and measure plastic waste on land, before it gets to the ocean. They are using satellite data and machine learning to identify plastic waste aggregations, and then evaluating the risk that the plastic may leak into the ocean.

Earthrise Education and SDGs Today have partnered to launch the “Mapping Plastic Waste” challenge, which aims to provide students with the tools and educational material to help build this global automated system to monitor plastic waste.

Please register here and follow the participation Guide here. The StoryMap includes information about the challenge criteria and the winning prize!

For more information contact us at and

SDGs Today is grateful for the support received from Earthrise Media, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Global Schools Program, Eco Ambassadors Program, and other collaborators.


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