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DIGIFEST 2024: Technology and Sustainability in Action

Written by Abigail Chifusa, Global Schools Project Officer.

Global Schools Alumni Advocate, Garima Singh, recently participated in the annual DIGIFEST 2024 event at Pristine Private School. The theme, “Using technological innovations and distributive ideas to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” focused on SDGs 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 16, aiming to improve the United Arab Emirates’s SDG Index. 

The event showcased a variety of innovative projects from students that demonstrated the seamless integration of technology and sustainability.

At DIGIFEST, students presented a wide range of projects that ranged from eco-friendly robots to creative waste management solutions. These projects not only tackled real-world challenges but also showcased the students’ ability to use technology as a powerful tool for fostering sustainability. The creativity and problem-solving skills on display were truly inspiring.

The event highlighted how technology can be effectively utilized to promote sustainability. Projects addressed pressing issues such as climate change and resource management.

DIGIFEST inspired students to think critically and collaborate effectively. The event fostered a sense of environmental responsibility and demonstrated the potential for technology to drive positive change.

A panel of judges, including industry experts and educators, evaluated the projects. They provided valuable feedback and recognized outstanding achievements, motivating students to continue their efforts.

“It was heartening to witness how our students are not only embracing technology but also using it as a powerful tool for positive change. Their enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability serve as a testament to the values instilled by the Global Schools Team,” said Garima.

She believes these innovations exemplify the spirit of her school community and reflect their dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only proficient in technology but also conscious global citizens.

According to Garima, DIGIFEST was a fantastic showcase of innovation and creativity. Primary students from the Pristine Private School community came together to present cutting-edge projects that bridge technology with sustainability. 

The event aimed to empower students to become changemakers by addressing real-world challenges through innovative solutions.

DIGIFEST demonstrated the remarkable capacity of students to effect positive change by fusing technology and sustainability. Through Garima’s leadership and the inventiveness of her school community, she showed that young brains are capable of tackling global issues with imagination and commitment.


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