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Global Schools STUDENT Symposium

The Global Schools Student Symposium brings together youth aged 13-18 to showcase local leadership and solutions for the sustainable development goals. Young people come together to network, learn, engage, and hear opportunities to advocate for the SDGs in their careers and in post-secondary school education. 


At the precipice of change, our growing youth population is motivated to become changemakers and lead us into a better tomorrow. And they have already started. The talented, ambitious, and active youth of today is already making waves across their communities. For the past 3.5 years, the Global Schools Program has been working hard to drive change to promote sustainable development on an international level, while bringing our community closer together.


The Global Schools Student Symposium will act as a platform for forward-thinking students to showcase their work in driving positive change in their schools and countries. The Global Schools Student Symposium will offer an opportunity for students from across the globe to not only share their projects and experiences but also engage, learn and grow. This conference will equip hundreds of young people from across the globe with new knowledge, skills, and networks to prepare them in building their careers to become leaders who initiate positive change. 

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BE the change IN THE WORLD

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