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How can we implement the SDGs and not just teach them?

Written by Al-Basma Modern School, Gaza, Palestine

In September 2021, we were delighted to be granted a membership certificate in the Global Schools Program as part of our endeavor to support the United Nations program and its networks in developing the world around us through SDG criteria.

Since the 17 Global Goals are the pillars of the development of societies, and their progress toward a safe and better future, it was necessary to strengthen the culture of these impactful goals and integrate them into the educational curriculum.

But what is the concept of sustainability? How can we integrate it into our lives? What is the best way for a school and its students to acquire the skills in line with sustainable development? These and more were the many questions and challenges that we strive to overcome in the best way.

Before answering these questions, it's beneficial to learn about Al-Basma Modern School and its plans. The school teaches the Practical Creative Curriculum alongside the ministerial curriculum to refine students' competencies, enhance 21st-century skills, and develop students' personalities through continuous interactive and practical educational activities. The school also adopts the STEM methodology in various subjects due to the interest and enthusiasm of the students to learn.

So, what else could we do to implement the sustainable development goals in the school? We conducted the first qualitative program implemented in Gaza schools, the Scope Program, an entrepreneurial training program for students.

Here is the idea: Let's integrate the SDGs into training as a first step to infuse the concept of sustainable development with entrepreneurship and help the students launch impactful and entrepreneurial STEM projects.

So, we held a training on Design Thinking and stressed its importance in the world of entrepreneurship. The first step was to identify the sustainability goals through interactive discussion and activities, which produced enthusiasm and interest from the students. The first question we encountered by the students was: "What are these 17 miscellaneous squares?" Therefore, we answered their questions and explained how these goals are the core of a strong community!

Your role today is to discover this world and implement change. Let's fly into the world of entrepreneurship and sustainability together, Kid Entrepreneurs!


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