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Global Schools Webinar: Gaming for Sustainable Development with Siemens Gamesa and Possible Lab

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

On February 4th, 2023, Global Schools hosted a webinar on STEM Education and Video Games in the classroom for the SDGs. This webinar featured guests from Siemens Gamesa and Possible Lab to present the game: Planet Rescuers. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE GAME.

Planet Rescuers is a video game-based global educational adventure on sustainability and energy, where children will embark on a journey through the popular Minecraft Education universe with a single destination: a sustainable world.

It is designed for students aged 8 to 14, is free of charge and is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Danish. The game takes place over eight 45-minute sessions where students learn about how trees absorb CO2 emissions in the atmosphere; the different energy sources and how a wind turbine works; how electricity works; and the design of an efficient system for supplying and consuming electricity in a city; the importance of the Paris Agreement and how to produce hydrogen.

Its goal is to attract young people to STEM, showing young students that, through these

disciplines and the progress they allow, together we can solve one of the biggest problems that concern them: climate change.

Using the knowledge and skills they acquire during the eight sessions, students learn to think

like engineers and solve problems. Planet Rescuers is available on Planet Rescuers’ website and through Minecraft Education.

Planet Rescuers is supported by Siemens Gamesa and is part of its long-term Social Commitment strategy focused on promoting the United Nations SDG 4 (Sustainable Development Goal) for Quality Education. It is the result of a collaboration with Possible Lab, a company focused on innovation in learning and social change in the field of education.

To watch the webinar hosted by Global Schools and led by Siemens Gamesa and Possible Lab, please click here.

If your school is interested in accessing this free game, please click here and provide your information to the Planet Rescuers team.

For schools and teachers that need more information, please contact:


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