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Empowering Educators for a Sustainable Future: The Climate Citizenship Education Workshop

On August 17 and 18, the Columbia Global Center in Rio de Janeiro hosted a Climate Citizenship Education workshop. Designed specifically for municipal public school teachers, especially those from the Ginásio de Tecnologicos (GETs), the workshop aimed to transform educators into change-makers, inspiring students to become globally-aware citizens ready to take on 21st-century challenges. This initiative was made possible through the collaboration of the Prefecture of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Columbia Global Centers - Climate Hub of Rio de Janeiro, Columbia University's Center for Sustainable Development of the Climate School, and the Mission 4.7 Secretariat, including the Global Schools Program.

Centered on the theme of the Climate Crisis, the workshop took a holistic approach, covering related topics such as global citizenship, climate justice, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Workshop Experience

Pre-Workshop: A WhatsApp group was created to foster connections and convey vital workshop information. Participants shared personal anecdotes from the pandemic era, establishing emotional ties and paving the way for discussions on global citizenship.

Day 1: The main discussions of the day focused on comprehending the current crisis and exploring possible solutions. Activities involved group reflections on personal pandemic experiences and an introduction to global citizenship in relation to the climate crisis. A thought-provoking presentation highlighted the gravity of the climate crisis and the need to reimagine education and communication paradigms.

Day 2: With an emphasis on the SDGs, educators delved into how these global objectives could enhance educational methods. The transition from the Millennium Development Goals to the 17 SDGs was outlined, introducing hands-on teaching aids like SDG cards. The day wrapped up with educators formulating lesson plans enriched with SDGs, utilizing the design thinking approach.

The Path Forward

The workshop's conclusion marked only the beginning of the journey. Monthly Zoom sessions until December 2023 are slated for continued dialogues, exchanging experiences, and discussing classroom successes and challenges.

An accessible Google Drive filled with invaluable resources will play a pivotal role in supporting educators' continuous professional development. This repository stands as a joint testament to the organizer’s dedication to forging a brighter, sustainable future for Rio de Janeiro.

In summary, the workshop highlighted the potential of collaborative endeavors. With their newly acquired knowledge and resources, educators are set to transform Rio de Janeiro's educational landscape, placing sustainability and global citizenship at its heart.