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Advocate Farrukh Avais starts “Managing our Trash” Project to teacH SDG 12 in PakistaN

Written by Global Schools Advocate, Farrukh Avais

In a routine class lecture, I was speaking to my Grade 9 students about responsible consumption. Over the course of two days, I tasked my students with taking note of items that could be recycled and utilized for our classroom (for example, stationary holders). The students came up with innovative ideas, and this task helped them identify daily waste material which could be reused and transformed to serve a new purpose.

Here are just some of the objects we made for our classroom:

1. a dust bin using a simple steel food cane with a ring holder;

2. learning aids;

3. “scientific model of the eye”, which is now displayed in the school biology lab as a learning resource.

4. tissue paper box using simple chocolate card boxes and a cake stand. We wrapped and glued them into beautiful, usable boxes which are not only helping store daily material but also adding to the room's aesthetic.

5. paper holder using ice cream sticks, which were collected by the students from the school canteen.

The "Managing Our Trash" project is how we are reducing litter and reusing. The project is still on its way, and we are coming up with more innovative ideas. I have extended this project to my Grade 10 students with a particular focus on plastic use reduction.

I will be updating you on our work!

- Global Schools Advocate, Farrukh Avais


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