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7 things that helped me as a Global Schools Ambassador

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

By Felix Mmeka, Global Schools Ambassador, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Being inaugurated as a member of the first cohort of Global Schools Ambassadors was one of my proudest accomplishments, in part due to the recognition and timing of the role. The role helped build my capacity on the SDGs and gave me a platform to educate and build the capacities of educators and students in my local community, hence giving me a chance to positively shape my environment. Below are the key strategic measures I took to ensure my tenure as an Ambassador was successful:

Formed a national coalition with other national ambassadors and used it to serve as an effective support group during the duration of our tenure. Trust me when I say you would need this support during your tenure for encouragement, support, implementation ideas and strategies, etc. Furthermore, I was fortunate to build personal relationships with these amazing ambassadors outside the confines of our working relationship.

Created a group of local volunteers of friends and individuals passionate about the SDGs. This working group was very helpful when approaching schools about the Global Schools message.

Localized the SDGs to my local issues to make it more relatable to my local audience. This is extremely important as local awareness of the SDGs will help shape your strategy/approach when speaking to educators and students.

Ensured I found time to personally use all available resources on the Global Schools website and find new relevant resources. This would be very important when discussing with Schools and students about the SDGs.

I created and made printed copies of a brief document/proposal that introduces schools to the SDGs, Global Schools, importance of the message, ambassador contact details, etc. From experience, most times you might not have the opportunity to meet key contacts due to conflicting schedules, but having such document can help break potential barriers.

I reached out to local NGOs, national bodies, mutual connections, etc. that have mutually beneficial SDG related goals to build collaborations. This is honestly critical, because you simply cannot effectively reach out to all schools in your city without help.

I volunteered to speak at local SDG related events to aid search for collaborations, etc. Every positive platforms and collaborations in line with the SDGs is essential for your journey.

I honestly hope you found this piece to be very informative and also want to take this opportunity to wish you the best in your tenure as Global School Advocates, Best of Luck !

I look forward to participating actively in the Ambassador Council to advise and guide you on your journey.

Felix Mmeka

Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Global Schools.

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Thank you Mr Felix.

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