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Margaret Mwangi

Project Officer, Alumni Engagement

Margaret Mwangi is a Project Officer, Alumni Engagement for the Global Schools Program and is also a former Global Schools Advocate and Mentor. She is from Kenya but is currently based in Tanzania where she works in one of the leading Youth-led NGO’s as a People and Performance Lead as she finalises with her Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Margaret is very passionate about empowering the youth, she has over 15 years experience in different fields which includes, teaching, HR & administration and in NGO based projects. She believes in youth-power and for that reason she has over the years worked with youth educating, empowering and equipping them with knowledge and skills to enable them to be in the frontline of bringing much needed solutions to the challenges in their immediate societies.

She strongly believes that successful implementation and integration of Education for Sustainable Development in Schools, especially in Africa, will empower young people to come up with innovations and solutions to the challenges in their surroundings and become active advocates for development-based change in their societies.

She is very passionate, keen and open to supporting causes that contribute to prioritizing Education for Social Development in her society and the world at large.

Margaret Mwangi
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