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IÉSEG School of Management offers summer scholarships to students in The Global Schools NETWORK

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Global Schools collaborates with IÉSEG School of Management to offer scholarships for Global Schools students to attend IÉSEG’s International High School Summer Program in July 2022

The Global Schools Program is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the IÉSEG School of Management in Paris, France. The IÉSEG School of Management is a world-renowned

university with over 175+ faculty from 48 countries and over 7,000+ current students. It is

ranked 3rd in international accreditations, and it has received the “Welcome to France”

certification which distinguishes higher education institutions that have met specific criteria for welcoming international students.

IÉSEG will fully sponsor one Global Schools student to attend IÉSEG’s High School Summer

program in Paris this upcoming summer. The full sponsorship includes flights, accommodation, and program tuition.

The High School Summer program will specifically focus on business and management, and

how students can become changemakers for a better society. The course will develop students’ soft skills and build competencies on international business opportunities, brand management, and working with multiple global stakeholders. In addition to the academic component of the program, students will take part in extracurricular and cultural activities, as well as stay with a host family in Paris.

The IÉSEG Summer Program Brochure details five exciting reasons for high-school students to join a pre-college program at IÉSEG, including the opportunity to experience a college program, learn new academic skills, meet international faculty, make new friends, add an international experience to their resume, and attend diverse cultural events.

To be eligible for this opportunity, students must be at least 16 years old and currently enrolled in secondary school at the time of the application deadline. IÉSEG program details specify that they are selecting “students (10th to 12th grade aged 16 at least) with a strong interest in business and management”. Students graduating from secondary school in May or June 2022 are still eligible, provided that they have not started a collegiate or university-level program.

The Global Schools Program is incredibly grateful to the IÉSEG School of Management for their continued support and is thrilled to work more closely on the High School Summer program.

Global Schools extends its gratitude to the entire High School Summer team for their work on this collaboration.


  • The full program requirements can be reviewed in the IÉSEG High School Summer Program Brochure, seen below.

IESEG High School Summer Program 2022
Download PDF • 11.73MB

  • Application instructions and the application link for the university portal as well as the Global Schools (GS) scholarship can be accessed in the following document. Please note that the application deadline for the GS scholarship is different than the official IÉSEG deadline. Applications for the GS scholarship are due on April 22nd, 2022.

Fully-Funded Scholarships for GS Students 22 Website Page
Download PDF • 296KB

  • To check if your school is part of the network, click here or email the Global Schools team. *Please note that the map is updated every few weeks.

NEW: Please click here to access the Global Schools Applications Tips Webinar with basic tips for students preparing the GS scholarship application. Please reference the documents above during the webinar.

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