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Health comes first: Bringing Good Health and Well-being into classrooms

Written by Global Schools Advocate, Farrukh Avais, in Pakistan

We need to bring together our joint efforts to provide equal access to health and well-being. This needs to occur at a rapid enough pace to ensure the achievement of SDG 3 by the 2030 deadline. Even if we take a glance at the most cursory figures pertaining to human health, the statistics reveal a world in which treatable diseases claim far too many lives in multiple corners of the globe. Many of us are still unaware of hazardous consumption that can damage human health. Awareness is the first step towards change.

As a Global Schools Advocate, I have always focused on integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into my lesson plans and classroom activities. I delivered a lecture to my students on different diseases which mainly affect our lungs and respiratory system. These topics were a part of their syllabus.

After a detailed lecture, discussion, and a time for fact sharing, I asked my students how many of them had smokers in their families or other areas of their life. It was shocking to know that many students had smokers at home, so I shared the hazards of smoking and passive smoking.

On October 7th, we arranged a "Health Awareness Session" where we had an audience of 40 students. Students delivered presentations on the "Effects of Smoking,""Lung Cancer," and "Pneumonia," and displayed posters, models, and performed experiments to elaborate on the effects and prevention of diseases. Presenters also performed a detailed experiment explaining how smokers end up with pale-yellow teeth.

The audience shared their feelings about those suffering from smoking, and a few of them also shared their efforts at home to prevent smoking. Session participants are reaching out to the community to spread awareness about smoking hazards and the effects of diseases. They are sharing learnings with family members, relatives, and friends.

To date, I have heard back from two of my students whose parents have pledged that they will not smoke again.

Written by Global Schools Advocate, Farrukh Avais, in Pakistan


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