"I am committed to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals."


Mentor Advocates are exceptional educators and leaders that have a proven track record working with schools and teachers to promote Education for Sustainable Development. They serve as official spokespersons for the Global Schools Program.


After going through a selection process, a training program, and the Advocates Program, Mentor Advocates are fully equipped with the knowledge of SDGs and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). They help transform learning environments, mobilize young people around the SDGs, and provide expertise to current Advocates working in communities globally.






"My Name is Ngum Doris Wanchia epse Kemajou. I have been a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in a Secondary School in Yaounde, Cameroon for 22 years. I am also an educator with the British Council English Connects Program. I became a Global Schools Advocate in February 2021. It has been an amazing experience all through." 

Erasmus Tang




"I am a researcher and a community educator with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, I am a mentor for the Global Schools Advocates in Cameroon and Chad and believe that

“Once and advocate, Always an advocate”.





“I am a teacher, entrepreneur and Advocate for the Global Schools Program. I have over six years of experience in teaching and advocacy. I am currently pursuing a degree in Economics and Business at UNICAF University.”

Yusupha Manneh - Gambia.jpg




“I’m Ibrahima Sory Sow, young professional changemaker, community builder, and Advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals from Guinea. I am a former Global Schools Program Advocate, where I demonstrated an effective leadership approach to empower primary and secondary school directors and educators to bring the SDGs into classrooms and curriculum, in order to support a worldwide movement of education for sustainable development.”

Ibrahima Sory Sow - Guinea.png
Ibrahima Sory Sow

"I am an early childhood educator. As a recipient of travel award and commendation by the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) in Education for Sustainable Development in Early Years, I work directly with my young learners to provie hands-on experiences that teach sustainability. Focusing on the ESD pillars and each sustainable development goal has opened their eyes to their great abilities as problem solvers and potential agents of change. These child-centered practices led to my nomination and award in best education practice by Rybakov Foundation in 2021, in honor of Lev Vygotsky, out of 117 applicants.

Lilian Oloo.jpg




“I am a Kenyan teacher who is passionate about making this world a better home of men, beginning with my country. I look forward to being an integral component of  Global Schools as we form a community of practice with other teachers.”

Elizabeth Wangari NjiHia
Elizabeth Njihia - Kenya.jpg



"I'm Lilian Ngandu.

I teach in an intergrated School, and l'm the teacher  in-charge of the special unit. The Global Schools Program has helped me to facilitate inclusion. This is in line with goal number 4 education for all."

Screenshot_20211003-191032 (1)_edited.jpg
Lilian Njoki Ngandu



"I am an educator and an advocate for Sustainable Development Goals through the Global Schools Program. Through the program, I was recognized as the Global Schools Advocate of the Month. I also run an NGO that champions for equitable access to quality education in Kenya."

Simon Omusula Wamu-Kenya.jpg
Simon Omusula Wamu
Bello Sheriff Adekunle


"I had a rare opportunity to be part of the 2021 cohort of the Global Schools Program. It really exposed me to the 21st-century teaching and learning pedagogy which affords my students the opportunity to identify common challenges confronting them and embrace the need to collaborate to offer solutions that are globally acceptable to challenges using their local content through critical thinking."





“My name is Kehinde Akinsola. I'm a community champion, an educator, and an SDGs and ESD Advocate.”

Kehinde Akinsola - Nigeria.jpg





“I am a researcher, a facilitator of learning, SDG Advocate and I like everything I do to be well organized.”

Copy of Salim Maruf - Nigeria_edited.jpg





"I am an experienced High School Educator/Administrator from Nigeria. I have expertise in school facilities/HR management, lesson planning, educational technology, and differentiated instruction. As an Academy Member at HundrED, I work to identify and endorse impactful and scalable education innovations that are changing the way our children are learning." 

Sodiq Temitope Odutola



"As a School Health Educator, my participation in the Global Schools program played a key role in identifying the link between health education and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in my classroom. The knowledge acquired was pivotal in integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into my subject curriculum, with Project-based Learning being the major tool in the process of making my students the Changemakers and drivers of global development agenda in my school and local community."






“My name is RAMADHANI ALLY RASHIDI. A former Global Schools Advocate and Mentor for this Cohort.”

Ramadhani Ally Rashidi - Tanzania.jpg
Ramadhani Ally Rashidi




“I am an Educational Development Practitioner with four years of development work experience in several civil society organisations and International Development programmes including, the Global Schools Program, Tariro House of Hope, and the Office of the African Union Youth Envoy (OYE). I graduated from Midlands State University (MSU) in 2017 with a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and was awarded an MSU Book Prize.”

Lawrence Peter - Zimbabwe.JPG
Lawrence Peter



"I am a Heritage Studies, Guidance and Counselling, and History teacher who does not want to see history repeating itself as mankind destroys the environment. I want to facilitate the preservation of the environment as heritage for future generations. I am an advocate for environmental conservation and children's rights. I am an Advocate for Education for Sustainable  Education as it is learner-centered and solution-based. I'm currently involved as a Facilitator of the Environmental and Rights Clubs at Nketa High School (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)."





“I am Ezekiel Emanuely Ntandu from Tanzania, a Global School Advocate from a previous cohort. I am passionate about Sustainable Development Goals and Education for Development.”

Ezekiel Emanuely Ntandu-Tanzania.jpg
Ezekiel Emanuely Ntandu



“I am a former Global School Advocate from São Paulo, Brazil, with backgrounds in broadcasting, visual arts, dance and who has been working as Arts, STEM and Maker teacher from junior high to high school. I'm passionate about the transformative power of Arts and Education and believe that the SDGs are essential tools in these processes.”

Carla Lyra Jubilut - Brazil.png




"I've been working with our school's Interact Club to raise funds for various projects both locally and internationally.  Our students also participate in the Model United Nations Assembly every year."



“I am Daniela Avila. I am a teacher, a translator, and a facilitator for the Culture of Peace & Doing Good. I am a vegetarian and a promoter of plant-based lfiestyles. I am a Global Schools Advocate from Honduras 2019-2020 and I am the Global Schools Mentor Advocate Honduras 2021-2022. Also, I'm the Island Innovation Ambassador Honduras 2021 of the International Island Innovation." 

Kimberly Anderson is currently attending California State University, San Marcos majoring in Environmental Studies. In 2016 became the founder and president of the Ocean Conservation Club and in 2017 was elected the Student at Large for Sustainability for the Associated Students Board of Directors. She has been recognized for her achievements through the Tukwut Leadership Awards as CSUSM's most outstanding freshman. Anderson is a proud advocate for climate justice as a Climate Reality Leader and for the sustainable development goals as a global schools ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Solutions Network Youth Initiative.

Daniela Avila-Honduras (1).png





“I am a passionate educator who embraces the power of education to transform ourselves and the world. Together we can reach the unimaginable. It is a matter of believing in it.”

Elynn Vazquez Wong - Brazil.jpg
Elynn Vazquez Wong


“A teacher and administrator for more than 30 years, I was in the 2020-2021 Global Schools Advocacy cohort and was recently named as his school's first Director of Sustainability Programming & Initiatives. I have spent most of his time in the classroom teaching in the Humanities and over the last few years have worked with my colleagues to develop a project-based/purpose-based SDG cross-curricular program.”

United States




“The Global Schools Program has changed my life in so many ways. It has empowered me and turned me into a leader in my community. It has connected me to so many people around the globe and taught me so much with each webinar. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to serve.”

Milton Villarroel - USA.png
United States


GSP - Kenneth Kwok (Hong Kong SAR).JPG
Kenneth Kwok
Hong Kong

"As Founder and Chief Education Officer of KIDsforSDGs, I have one core mission: empowering teenagers to problem frame, ideate, prototype, solve and scale their passion-led SDG thought, action and ambition. Through this strategy, the 300+ student members at KIDsforSDGs are acquiring the necessary skills to be leaders aligned with the future of education, employment, and entrepreneurship. As a Global Schools Program Mentor, a World Economic Forum UpLink and Global Innovator, and a Catalyst 2030 member, I seek to build a hub in North Asia for knowledge transfer and know-how sharing amongst past and future advocates in the region - so that as a collective, we can help scale the SDGs with higher depth and breadth!"


“I’m Gem Jos, an English department teacher and member at Viswajyothi Public School in Kochi, Kerala. As an Advocate of Global Schools, I am part of a program which focuses on providing the next generation of changemakers of our world a firm foundation and set of skills on sustainability.  I am implementing ESD at my school among students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. To the best of my ability, I hope to guide and encourage the mentees who have been allocated to me.”

Gem Jos - India.jpg
Gem Jos
Dhivya Kirupa-India.png
Dhivya Kirupa


"It's a complete privilege, and it's an absolute honor to incorporate and inculcate all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations at their fullest! I wish to underline and recall a statement that highly motivated me during the GSA Graduation ceremony by the Global School Advocate Team 'As we say at Global Schools Once You are An Advocate REMEMBER you are Always an Advocate!'"